The Brevity – Rijin Rajan

Photo by Keji Gao on Unsplash

Let your priorities succeed,
Redeem the costly beats,
It is very brief for indecisions,
It is very brief for vacillations,
Many argues for a fight,
Fight among nations, a bit dear,
But even for decision makers,
But very heavy for fighters,
Unbearable for those revolving around,
It’s a short clock, which ticks a few,
Valorize it while moving,
Get some treasures into your orbit,
Lest it’s highly volatile, which doesn’t
Seem you while on-board,
Dare the brevity of life.

Rijin Rajan is a mechanical engineer, by profession, founder of ScienceGeeks, an organisation aimed to inculcate scientific temper among school children with a motto of ‘Promote Science, Develop Technology and Advance Life.’ a writer, student activist, and social activist.


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