Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Dreamer’s Choice – Kamala, Kerala



Once, I was a flower bud that flew off

Thrilled and unnoticed.

Traveled and meditated,

On the soul mountains,

Fished irresistible truths

In the mystic ponds,

Met several cavemen

Who never existed,

And one day just got lost.

As lost like a kid I was,

And tired like a duckling,

Lay myself on the brook.

I knew my life was over,

For I was born a deaf bud,

And will be the same in death,

Learning never to be a flower,

Even at the smile of the ephemeral hour.

Then you took me

And put me on,

Your dense hair,

And I bloomed.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


  1. hi there Kamala..!! 🙂 I really laughed at the intro of ur poem, but as i read it, i just fell in love with it..!! beautiful verse there buddy..!! :o) way to go..!! 

  2. Exactly Mrs Thara…Goodness within and outside is scarce and Eye openers wud seem sometimes very primitive. 🙂

  3. You eventually found out where you really belong to after traversing elongated stretches of imperfect abstractions like ‘On the soul mountains/(Fished irresistible truths) In the mystic ponds’. The transient moment’s flawed smiles couldn’t help you blossom.
    That was sad, really aching to read, ‘I knew my life was over/For I was born a deaf bud,/And will be the same in death/Learning never to be a flower,
    The glory of the moment of your fulfillment was blissful, and relieving to the beholders as much as you when you reached your dreamed destination. Thank you for this really moving piece of poetry.

  4. Hi Vineetha: Apparently i must confess that Kamala was intended to be a pen name, now that the anonymity is removed, i would still hope on continuing the same. Kamala reminds me of two people. My beautiful grandmom and my little baby..:)


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