Uttarakhand – Krashnakumar S. Dave, Gujarat


uttarakhand__903236818Split, scattered, scarce they are,

the houses, the hotels, the temples…

Alive, animated, throbbing, inhabited once they were,

now ruined, destroyed, doomed .

The injured, the lost, the dead

made the Government  busy to count and compensate.

Nature in its real rhythm is no more.

The landscape, the green scenery, the mountains, the vallies, the rivers

are all in adverse forms.

Calamities have become realities.

Normalcy, restoration, rehabilitation, expected everywhere.

Flow your pure feeling freely, incessantly, and be with them all

to justify the ways of  Nature-God.

Pray nature to be in its real form for

life to be germinated as usual.

The eternal human faith is still intact as

God resides in the minds of men.


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