Visiting A War Museum – Dolat Ram, Rajasthan


A rusty falcon on display
the antique keepsake of bravery cum arrogance

A little ways away
a life-size painting
portraying a hunky warrior on horseback
welcomes with valiant vibes

Another painting seems to be a little scary
showing severed enemy heads dotted all around
with lifeless open eyes
the eerie epitomes of eternal peace

A grand chariot with broken wheels teaches us
that fall is inevitable irrespective of anything
and acceptance is the only way
to survive the unbearable pangs of prickly truth

Next, a poison arrow
which must have pierced the trunks of millions
without giving them even a chance to scream

Hanging weirdly to the gallery wall
a noose-shaped rope
sends shivers down our spines

An eyelash-written love letter
with a terrible tale of teenage sweethearts
being burnt alive in broad daylight
proves that love survives any scale madness
regardless harsh fate of the lovers

It is a war museum
that tells us
that History is the child of Sword
who grows up sucking blood
from the life-giving mammaries of Mother Humanity

It is a war museum
where we feel rapt
to the royal remains of our gory past
with a tickling touch of unendurable nostalgia

And where we cheerfully choose to pay
to commemorate the follies of our furious forefathers
on the pretext of a holyday outing
often swelling with immense pride


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