flat1000x1000075fWhy does the sun cry so hard each day;

It just rises for a few hours.
Why does the moon smite all day;
It just appears and disappears.
Why do the clouds grow morose all day;
It only mourns and mourns.
Why do the rainbows fade in colour,
It seems like it has fuzed off.
All because of stress and a quest for a money laundering lifestyle.

Why do children attempt to die while living is a joy.
Why do expectant mothers want to abandon while the embryo loves to see the world.
Why do train drivers care a damn for passengers while accidents happen frequently.
Why do leaders not bother about their suffering flock
Why does the cow not worry about its calf suckling milk
Why does the mother goat go away from its young ones.
Why do sparrows get extinct
Its because man has no instinct.

Says God from above;
“Science is a bane than a boon
Tsunamis happen in the world’s strongest economy;
The reason is our technology.
Oh man, you have crossed the barriers of experimentation.
Remember religion ends where science begins.

‘Love your neighbour as thyself’ is lost.
Testing love and nurturing it is sensible.
Why do you ruin yourself testing weapons
This beautiful edenic paradise was built in all beauty.
To keep it still was your duty.

Learn from unassuming farmers.
Who do not long for money and wealth.
Artifice is found everywhere in nature.
Your Colas and Pepsis are ruining the health
Why do you all look so pale and stealth
Are you not content with yourself
After sending man to moon too?

What more do you desire, oh man.
You have put a fullstop to nature’s gifts.
You accept pesticide filled fruits.
You nurture babies with adulterated milk
Give infants perambulators instead of your lovely arms.
Nurses no more give soothing words.
They appear to take revenge with their injection.

Traditional and soothing art forms are dead.
Yoga and prayer has zeroed down.
Chant my name and you will be rescued.
This is the solution to attain peace.

Listen oh son, you can change everything but not me”.


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