Images of broken democracy


The burnt streets in Delhi are nothing but the images of broken confidence in democracy. It is definitely impossible to consider that nation as democratic when a citizen is defined purely based on religion. It is neither elections nor representative bodies make a democratic state but the feeling of security that minority communities experience in a country. Even though there were many issues and complaints about the condition of minorities in India in the past, they never felt such insecurity and helplessness as now. Even though not expecting any proactive move from the present regiment to address it, we must be more vigilant against them because the anti-democratic moves of the present Indian government will not end by CAA or Delhi riots. They are the stepping stones in the ultimate establishment of Hindurashtra in our land.

The growth of communalism and its resultant Hindhuthwa nationalism exposes the weaknesses of democratic structure we carry even now. The liberal democracy is not anymore relevant where people have only voting power; the administrative power is with the elected only. What we need is the politically vibrant grounds of democracy where common people do not get dragged to streets for their basic rights and justice. Shaheen bagh is the symbol of people’s brave resistance against rule from above, against state oppression and against political intolerance. 

It will be politically incorrect to argue that ‘nothing will stand for ever’ in this context. More than that, it is historically contradicting too. When intellectuals make such statements when referring to present government, they must realize that time bands are irrelevant when people suffer. More than optimism, it is their reluctance to address communal juggernaut has getting exposed in such statements. It is not the portraits of NaMo brigade, but the existence of us will get questioned tomorrow as the destroyers of Indian nationalism which was made out on trust, love and mutual understanding. 

Please do not stop by condemning the Delhi riot in social media. But please do not stop by making peace marches in your town too. And please do not stop by shouting on the known communalists of either religion in your street. Please do talk to your neighbor, relatives and friends. Do talk to those in other religions and if possible share food with them. Verbal appeasements for secularism from conference halls are not any more relevant. If not, you can wait to condemn next riot in your neighbourhood very soon.

Sandhya SN, Chief Editor, Indian Ruminations


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