The macro war with the micro virus


The entire world, with all their wealth and equipment, is fighting with a tiny virus these days. It exposes the limitations we have as nations as well as humans. Thousands of people are dying every day. It is like a war now. The entire world is on one side and this virus alone standing on the other side. May our infrastructure and all pieces of equipment (not humans) will win this war at the end, but the loss will be incomparable. The entire world economy which is constructed on the market and trade will be affected. Big cities, industrial towns, malls and humanity depending on them will be devastated. It will take a long time for the world nations to revive the so-called market economy.

It is like a war as said above. But, the Corona war of this 21st century is definitely not the third world war of human history; but if the world society does not learn from this tragedy, the third world war will not be too far. As the present tragedy leads to depleted resources along with growing insecurity and panic, nations or groups within nations will move to loot as an easy (or sometimes only) option to get survive. Rulers may not understand or entertain the equal distribution of amassed wealth of extremely rich even in such situations; instead, they may resort to agree with more exploitation of the weak by the powerful. It can lead to invasion of one into another’s territory. Such low intensive invasions or fights can finally end up in border disputes and wars. As it is a rare occasion where violence is justified and criminals are getting worshipped, rulers may prefer to opt for it. 

Please note that Corona is not just a threat but an opportunity too. It is the right time in history to reflect ourselves, reconsider our options. What we earned so far is not development. Growth is not about a number. Big cities or high-speed cars are not necessary here. Weapons pointing on neighbors are luxuries in the coming days. Now we know that only humans have border disputes, the virus does not. Epidemics neither care about class or race nor about the nation and political affiliation; they attack everyone. Environmental disasters will reach beyond human dictated borders. Only by standing together, we can survive and live long. It is time to extend our hearts to an unknown person or community in an alien land. It is the best time to critically assess the culture of glorifying rich and powerful. What we need is accessible public institutions with quality. Every region should become self-sufficient in food, medicine, and administration. Information and technology must become public properties. The welfare state should be reinforced with a redefined vision. The post-Corona world should be of care, understanding, internal and external cooperation, and balanced expansion of all communities together. 

Sandhya SN
Chief Editor, Indian Ruminations  


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