Tuesday, November 28, 2023
PoetryNo Offense - Nandini Singh, Rajasthan

No Offense – Nandini Singh, Rajasthan


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no offenseNo offense!

Not on margins or at centre

Not in majority or in minority,

Not on heights or in depths,

I am, where you are.


I take back,

Everything- word

Every look-glance

Every thought- stance

Retract them from mind,

Tie tight knots on their mouths

Shove them from spiky heights

Dead deep into dread trenches.

They will die, i will kill them

For sure, for you.

My back faces any

Immaculate sci (sic) thought

From now on will never shelter

Them in my abode.

In cold I will let them be

And freeze, thus die outside

And just keep on eating supper

Safely in my cozy home, I will.

The ghost of my scientific thoughts linger perpetually

From vent of my room, I will cover it, no worries.

And will ever live in terror

Of my own thoughts.


The offspring produced

From some unknown conjugation of my naïve brains?

Don’t worry I‘ll kill it, as soon as it’s born

Will up bring only those already been brought up

By you, for us, my dear potentate,

So what they die their natural deaths,

We will keep them with us.

I’ll make do with stenches and all.

And learn the art of mummification

I‘ll dig the old graves

And why to wait for the judgment day

I am a non-believer now.

No, I do believe what you tell me to

Just don’t be offended.


You can make millions of people all alike

By just washing their brains,

Or sometimes just removing the air from under their nose

Or just giving them some flavoured air

With which their lungs

Just get overwhelmed

And express gratitude, they

By bowing like broken puppet heads

Or by giving them

Intensity of emotions, such

That they really get aflamed, become ashes.

Those who remain, will all be your clones

Who needs debate on cloning?

When it can be done all

Without mutation

So why to stop for science

Or logic

Or conscience

Just put it on gallows.

I am with you

It’s you, who I am,

I am you.

Just don’t be offended

Just don’t make war

I offer peace

My new and only god you are now

And I have sacrifices many

To make at your alter,

Don’t get offended

Don’t let us be we

Let us be you

Let us be you

Who needs variety here?

Don’t be offended

Live and let not live,



I must share and you should know

Somehow I know you are my future-worshipper

Just don’t get offended

My Judge, my prosecutor, my executioner

Ha … my future worshipper.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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