The First Step – Krishna Panda, Odisha


newborn-baby-s-leg-close-up-right-foot-42270348In not so intriguing world

my eyes have shook

Like a caterpillar unwilling to unfold

For the light that shines

Is a paradise of unknowns,

Where I know not where do I fit in?

Where I know not my identity

Where I know not if ever I will be loved,

So I cripple like that baby on knees

in dark hours of gigantic silence

When harsh reality spread its tentacles

Trying every drop of blood to unmask me.


Entwined with my soul

I close my eyes,

And chant the holy rhyme

my mother once sung to me.


Oh there, He stands upright,

My angel, my Savior, My Almighty!

Holding my little fingers

Lifts me up from every fall

And whispers in voice of angel,

“Take the flight, you are in my sight.”


Shivering I take a leap and walk in His direction.

Sluggish, petrified but assured

open up my eyes to the world.

It is then the butterfly tickles me

and welcomes me to His world

where miracles get unfurled.


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