The Curse of Female Spirit – J.T Jayasingh

1523 called their land ‘Mother’

And even ‘Mother’ they called their seas

‘The Ganga’, ‘The Saraswati’

They made the rivers female

And washed their sins in them.


My female parts are worshipped

As sacred in their holy temples

But  abused by nasty words

In public latrines and remote caves.



When I covered myself full

They stripped me in the middle of their streets;

When I exposed my beauty

They clipped my chudidar’s ends.


When I was a maid in their homes

They pulled me to their beds;

I was wedded to share their beds

And they made me wash their clothes.


I asked them to leave me, they sold me,

I pleaded them to receive me, they bought me;

When I was to share, they used me

And when it was my turn they neglected.


They played their tune and I danced

And when I found my tune, they crushed it.

They killed me at the stove, between the legs

And inside the womb.


Enough is enough!

I am no more to be born in their kingdom,

Let them quench their lust between themselves,

Let them eat, drink, fight,

If needed clone more males,

Let there be all males

Who burn in their lust and

Shed blood in the fuming hell.


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