Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The unsurpassable Time -Farah Siddiqui, Allahabad


imagesO’h Time thou is so strapping and powerful

Ages and ages thou has surpassed and ruled

Now break-off it’s my plead

Now stop and do not lead

At this moment thou discontinue

I am blushed as something is new

O’h Time do not try to overtake me

O’h Air do not aspire to shake me

It’s a time for my Lover to come

The whole cosmos is ready to welcome

The Nature feels elated at my choice

The rivulets, the air do not make noise

O’h Cloud I am obliged to you, so do not rain

O’h Leaves clear your ways and do not constraint

It’s a time for Love, Endearment and Compassion

See how the flowers sing a song in fascination?

Angels come here and give me blessings

I am rapturous as my Love is coming

O’h Time I am exultant do not chide me

Stay with jollity and do not guide me

My feelings and sensations are verifiable and true

When will you come? The birds try to flew

My Love and My Faith is devoted to you

You don’t know how much I Love you

O’h Love where are you, come soon

I am deifying you as my life’s boon

See how the whole atmosphere is opulent

You be visible and do not latent

Please maintain the dignity and respect

Do not force me to offend or suspect

Where are you my Love is thriving?

Where are you my Heart is throbbing?

Where are you I am contemplating?

Where are you the time is thieving?

Alas! he didn’t come, now it’s late

I don’t know how to retaliate

O’h Time now please do not stop

O’h Time now you are free to surpass

Now I can not sustain it anymore

I don’t know how will I cure

O’h Time you are the best ointment

Shrink my woes  and make me merriment.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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