Come Back to the Basic, Simple and Original Life


Multitudes of incidents, activities, movements, beliefs, problems, crises, personalities, climatic conditions etc. play together by surpassing extra controls to bring in political, economical, cultural and environmental changes. Though nobody can predict changes in the modern times, one thing is sure that behind most of the changes in the world there are human activities. Of course we have reached a stage where the demon on the shoulders is tightening its grip and leaders of the world stand still perplexed.

Whether it be the impact of globalization and its grave economic crises or the extend of environmental degradation, all have started to take us through a negative direction where the vision forward is very much hackneyed and puzzling. What can the great writers and thinkers who are supposed to guide the generations through messy times do now?

Human tendency always pushes him to experiment, explore and rebel. It is of course needed to a certain extend as long as they are done with strong values. But whenever they become misadventures and take humanity to the brink of destruction, it is only the call to come back to the basics or nature or nature’s law will bring in hope again. Now also it is time for humans to come back to the basics by letting off all greediness to earn, exploit, enjoy, explore, experiment more and more and more.

Great wisdom belongs to all generations. Hence it is no doubt; greediness is the root cause of all evils. It is high time for the new generation to reset their attitude towards politics, economy, environment and life itself by setting the right priorities and coming back to the basic, simple and original life.

Chief Editors
Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh


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