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1091650_78779836Literature is not always the faithful reflection of contemporary society and life. If it is so, then there won’t be much difference between literature and history. Much of the reality in life is negative and uninspiring and though they have to be known to get corrected, sometimes they represent darker sides of life which may lead to despair. Great books do much more than reflection of life. They bring fresh thoughts and set new standards and ideals and thereby inspire millions to come out of the shackles of life. The writings of Rabindranath Tagore, Khalil Gibran, William Wordsworth, Pablo Neruda and many more belong to this category. Hence the books that make positive changes in human lives are, no doubt, the greatest books. These are the third category of books mentioned by Sir. Francis Bacon: “a few books are to be chewed and digested.” Besides literary books, some motivational books which teach how to lead a meaningful life play a vital role in society building. Indian ruminations always encourage writings that move life irrespective of their genre.

Chief Editors
Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh
June 2014


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