June June Come Again


My young brothers and sisters, it is not just the beginning of an ordinary month but June is special. It is revolutionary in thoughts. It is rebelistic in blood. It is romantic with rain. It is brave like Che Guvera and Birsa Munda. It is hope in the darkness with Santhal rebellion. It is river of hope with nature’s day and it is remainder of eternal vigilance with national emergency. Yes, June is special for all of us.
In these days of dictatorships in many Asian, African and Latin American countries, Che can’t become just a memory or a statue or a t-shirt emblem. No, he can’t. He is the thundering voice of a voiceless society. When Batista’s soul remains here, Che can’t chained in graves. Birsa is reborned as many. Now we call him in many names. Some call him Jignesh, some call him Shehla. Some call him Kanhaiya, Ajayan, Irom or Binayak …. His uncompromising guerrilla warfare in the forests of Bihar against mighty Britishers were incomparable in these days of starwars. He never scared to look at the eyes of opponents. Unfortunately, the academic India never studied Birsa with required importance. He is not even in the text books of many states here; that shows the Brahmanical discrimination against subaltern heroes in our yester times.
This June is covered in the blood of thousands of students who were massacred by communist China’s bullets. These youngsters were not violent. They not even had a nail cutter when gathered at Tiananmen Square in June 1989. What they had was bright and progressive thoughts about an egalitarian society. They believed that their OWN government will address their demands with a reason. But they were wrong. Dictatorship and state supremacy are not strange to communism too. The state killed its people.
The June of 1975 witnessed the biggest democracy of the world becoming the slave of state power – AGAIN. Once by outsiders and this time by its own elected government. Remember – history repeats rather as a tragedy. My friends never forget those who lost their lives in that state dictated emergency & never forgive those who reasoned with it.
Environment day is not another date in calendar. We need trees and rivers. Planting a tree is nothing but development. Reviving a river is the biggest revolution. Make our environment more greenish. Make more streams. These plantations are not for us but for our grand children. Give them clean air and water, shades of leaves and sound of birds than bullets, castes and borders. Give them love, not religions.


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