Poetry! Throw it into the Dustbin?


Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason – Novalis

In the modern world of free market and consumerism, the above caption is the attitude of most of the people towards poetry. In the time when utilitarian mind set is inculcated in people from the early childhood even the practicing poets are very often confronted with the question that what is the use of poetry. No one can explain the use of poetry, the use of art and of courses the use of flowers and even if it is explained people won’t understand.

Recently a friend of mine occupying a higher position in the software industry explained the tragedy of greediness among the new generation. The insatiable urge for growth and accumulation of power, wealth, materials and what not so stealthily and surreptitiously take one to a position from where one will hardly come back. The person will have money, power and everything else but no life and no time to enjoy life. So many stresses and strains also will accompany him or her and the person will urge for an immediate going back. This is the time one will understand the value of poetry and poetry gets its chance to do one of its several purposes i.e. giving a soothing touch and rejuvenating spirit. It will teach one to go slow and enjoy life. So we strongly believe that more than any other time poetry is badly needed today.

Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh

Chief  Editors


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