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yarrow-red-velvet-blossom“The Phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spire; revice from ashes and rise” – Miguel de Cervates Saavedra (Spanish writer, author of the masterwork ‘El quijote’ 1547 -1616)

Revival and reawakening are part of life as it is difficult to maintain perfect consistency in the business of life; it has been true with Indian Ruminations also. We have been in low ebb in the last few months and no new works have been posted. We, the editors take the full responsibility for that because readers and contributors have sent thousands of creative works and queries throughout this dark period. We thank and appreciate all the readers and contributors of Indian Ruminations for your long standing patience and support. We have no explanations for what has happened; perhaps odd circumstances coupled with a kind of writer’s block (editors’ block in this case) are the reasons. Creative people can understand their same breed and we hope you understand us. So many have happened and so much has changed in life and literature in the past year. We are ready for a renewal in life and writing, once again come dear friends to your own space to explore life.

This is the time of revival for Indian Ruminations, a great one with full vigour. It will be energized by an International Writers’ Festival in the month of August. We all will gather and make our dreams walk and talk. With these promises the new issue (January 2014) of Indian Ruminations is in front of you, enjoy and engage.

Chief Editors
Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh
January 2014
Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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