Thoughts in Book Form


A book is like a garden carried in the pocket -Chinese Proverb

Having a glimpse of one’s creative ideas in book form is a greatest thrill, a budding author would like to experience at any cost. It is like a mother seeing her newly delivered infant for the first time. Though web magazines now present ample opportunities for the budding poets and writers to get their works published, books in paper always have a special aura. But unfortunately as literary works, especially poetry fail to succeed commercially, publishers hardly take the risk of publishing them. Keeping this in mind, Indian Ruminations in tie up with Roots & Wings Publication is planning to bring out an anthology of poetry.

The anthology will include the poems of all the poets who had been included in the first twenty four issues of Indian Ruminations. Every poet will be represented by a small profile and one or two poems. The poets who show their willingness to be the part of the project are expected to co-operate with this by buying ten copies of the book in reduced price and send their money in advance. This effort will give a rare opportunity to make all the writers of Indian Ruminations, published writers. Roots & Wings will also take care of the publicity and review of the book. Poets, who like to be included, please send a mail to the editor confirming it. More information will be sent soon. Two more projects, a collection of stories and an essay collection are also in the planning.

Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh

Chief Editors


  1. Dear Editor,
    A good and appreciable move from your side. I really wait to see some of the good writings published in book form. It gives a shape and also good recognition for the budding writers. I heartily congratulate the team for their sincere and tireless efforts.
    With Best Wishes,
    rajani priya.s


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